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Benefits and Resources for Students

  • Education - Build your knowledge in emergency nursing with the Journal of Emergency Nursing and ENA University's educational offerings, or listen to ED nurses discuss topics relevant to you on the ENA Podcast.
  • Scholarships - Apply for annual academic or conference support scholarships through the ENA Foundation.
  • Networking - Connect with other students, members and practitioners through the ENA CONNECT online community.
  • Professional Development - Access interview tips, get your resume reviewed, and find your next career opportunity using the ENA Career Center.
  • Certifications – Save 25 percent on your BCEN exam.
  • ENA Advantage Program - Receive special rates and savings on student loan refinancing, professional liability insurance and more with ENA Advantage.
  • Advocacy – Support the future of emergency nursing by promoting safety, ethics and patient care.

Explore the endless opportunities that ENA University offers to support your emergency nursing career. Click here to view the ENA University journey map.


Student Pricing

Unparalleled membership value for only $20/25 per year! Plus, you can choose flexible payments. Choose smaller installment payments of only $5/$6.25 per quarter to better fit your budget.


1 year Student member$50 $25
1 year NSNA Student Member$38 $20*

*NSNA Member Number is required to be eligible for the NSNA rates.

Plus – check out the additional resources and ways ENA is here to help you #MakeItHappEN!


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