Why ENA? ENA Membership...

... Helps You Get Results, Get Connected, and Get Involved

Explore the wide variety of benefits exclusive to ENA members focused on strengthening your knowledge through education, networking, and advocacy. These benefits have been designed to help YOU take your practice to the next level.

Member Benefits a Sound Investment in Your Future


The Membership Math

ENA membership is worth more than dollars and cents, but we know that also matters. Investing in membership is a smart career choice that gives you access to unparalleled education, extensive networking, and meaningful advocacy resources which bolster your practice in a cost-efficient manner.

Share the ENA Experience and Save

Life is better with friends!  Create a group and join with your colleagues for a special discount. After you join get rewarded for referring others to ENA through the 2020 Member Challenge.





Is ENA For Me for Everyone

ENA offers a variety of membership types specific to where you are in YOUR career. Take the Quiz to explore what membership is the best fit to support YOU in your journey. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and lend their voice to the community.

Whether it's providing a global perspective on issues you face daily in practice, providing professional development opportunities, or engaging with a network of peers, ENA has the tools and educational resources to support YOU in your career. ENA welcomes nurses to the community without geographical boundaries. ENA knows that students are the future of emergency nursing. That's why ENA provides a special student membership option to help get you on the right path through access to research, tools, and a community of nurses ready to help you succeed. A comprehensive list of all membership types and descriptions is available by following the membership options link. You can also view detailed information about payment options including the option for auto-renewing membership and quarterly installment payments.

...Helps You Make a Difference in Your Profession

Membership* grants you the opportunity to lend your voice to help drive the future of ENA and emergency nursing.

Local Opportunities

With 180+ State Councils and Local Chapters, YOU have the opportunity to make a difference in your own back yard. Find the State Council and Local Chapter which you have the opportunity to be an active participant in upon joining ENA.

*Voting membership types only. To learn more about membership types, please visit the membership options page.

National Opportunities

Volunteers are the link that connect emergency nursing practice directly to ENA membership. Through your collaborative work, you will be able to influence the emergency nursing profession and move ENA and emergency nursing forward.